Dial Pad Crystal VDP features a telephone Style Key Pad for programming.
Cameras &
Door units
Crystal VDP can connect a standard 'Door phone outdoor unit' with camera and lock open facility.
Door Unlock Crystal VDP can operate an optional 'Electronic Door Lock' to open the door. A built in safety feature prevents accidental opening of the door if the unlock button is pressed by mistake.
Panic Alarm This feature can be activated by a panic button. Apart from the build in panic Button on the Crystal VDP any number of additional panic button's can be installed in any flat-say in the kitchen, one near the entry door, one in the bedroom etc. Whenever switch is pressed, the Crystal VDP will start 'panic ringing' & will turn on the optional Loud emergency siren/ Hooter.
Loud Siren
An Optional External Loud Siren can be connected to the Crystal VDP to Alert the neighbours in case of Panic/ Alarm.
Wired Alarm
(One Zone)
Crystal VDP supports sensors like Smoke Detectors, Gas Leak Detectors, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Magnetic Door/window Detectors. Crystal specially designed sensors can be connected in series to activate Panic alarm/Loud Siren Output.