• Advances in Outdoor Surveillance from the Super Dynamic III dome camera
  • The Panasonic WV-CW960 has been awarded 'CCTV Product of the Year' 2007 at the PSI awards. Resilient, innovative and reliable, Panasonic's newest colour dome camera delivers outstanding performance for outdoor surveillance applications.
  • Featuring Panasonic's pioneering Super Dynamic III technology, the WV-CW960 integrates weatherproof housing, a 360 degree high-speed pan and tilt base, and a 30x optical zoom lens, to bring surveillance footage to life.
  • Exclusive, high-performance features, such as the pixel based 160x Dynamic Range, ensure the WV-CW960 achieves unprecedented image realism. Furthermore, new intelligent functions, including Auto Image Stabiliser, Scene Change Detection, and Auto tracking, deliver outstanding reliability for outdoor surveillance applications.
  • An Eye for Colour
    The one-time problem of conflicting and contrasting lighting conditions has been overcome by the WV-CW960; via incorporating a powerful pixel based 160x dynamic range (with both 1/8,000 sec and 1/50 sec shutter speeds) accurate reproduction is ensured, regardless of the subject or location.
  • Day or Night, Rain or Shine
    Another key feature of the WV-CW960 is its defiance against tricky weather conditions; rain resistant, the camera can be installed under eaves, on external walls or rooftops, and in other outdoor locations. A built-in sun shield is also featured to ensure it can cope equally well in sunny conditions, permitting camera locations which are in direct sunlight. Also equipped for temperature changes, the housing's built-in fan and heater allow an operating temperature range of -40c to +50c.
  • User Friendly
    The WV-CW960 is ready to use with one coaxial cable; transmitting video image signals, control data, synchronisation signals (VD2), and alarm signals over one cable up to 1,200 m long. The system also supports RS-485 data communication for use over extended distances and with expanded services.